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No one can deny that our world today is controlled by large entities, and that trend will continue in the next millennium in which the individual work will have no place.

Cooperation, grouping and unity, whatever shape it may have, is the only way by which we can proceed, exist, improve and compete in almost every aspect of life.

Economical, social, or even educational.

Law offices as a branch of the legal system have more than one objective, first and foremost to defend and bring justice where justice is due, and support the weak vis a vis the powerful.

However these offices are still not more than economic projects and become more successful in achieving their goals the larger and more specialized they are.
(Head office):
36 Sherif St. Downtown-Cairo-Egypt

(Hurghada Office):
Abaza Building, B-410a-Hurghada-Egypt

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The system in Egypt is that the lawyer could have his own law office with one or more lawyers working for him as employees, or is an employee in a law office.
We always begin to put ourselves in the customer side to see what he deems then offer him our point of view based on our long experience with the Egyptian laws, society and economic life to come finally to an appropriate proposal.
Baroudy Law Firm delivers important legal documents to people who are supposed to appear in court - people who sometimes don't want these important legal documents.